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I read this article in The Economist the other day (except I read it in the print edition, you Internet scum killing the print journalism industry!) and it made me wonder whether I need something seriously wrong with me in order to be truly creative. Not that I hope that I get epilepsy or anything, I just think it’s interesting that so many crazy famous writers have had serious medical issues — depression counts. I have flat feet and really terrible eyesight. And I mean that sucks — I can’t become a pilot, which has always been my lifelong dream. Besides writing a book, of course.


I’m starting this blog because I am going to write a book. I’m going to finish a book. I’m going to get that book published.

But I have no freakin’ clue how to do that.

I know I love writing. Sometimes I think I’m pretty damn good at it. And once in a while, I think that I have what it takes to write a great novel.

Once in a while, I think I can do it.

But, again, I have no goddamn idea how to go about this. The only thing I know is that I just need to keep writing. So I made this blog. And every day, I am going to get my ass in a chair and write. I’ll write something here, and I’ll try to write something for my book. And when I can’t write something for my book, I’ll write something else for here. The point is that I keep my ass in a chair and keep writing. And maybe, just maybe… I’ll get that damn book out of it.