A day off for the Boyfriend’s family holiday party. A wonderful time — I love his extended family, and they always treat me so well. I was called a “niece” last night.

A short note on hobbies.

Now that I have more time, not only do I want to devote more time to writing, but I also want to devote it to the hobbies that have fallen away. The uber-creative ones like painting, to more mechanical like jewelry design, and also taking up the quirky but very meaningful hobby of studying the Tarot cards, which I took up in the spring but it faded quickly when I started work. I bought myself a new, good deck, and I have been studying based on the little booklet that came with it, but I will also be looking for books and websites to supplement it. I hope that, like T.S. Eliot, whose Waste Land inspired me to take up the hobby in the first place, the cards and the history and spiritualism of the art will inspire my writing. Perhaps I’ll even return to my roots of poetry for some exercises.